Since 1996, numerous patients have come to Tang Clinic seeking for professional treatments with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. All of them have been professionally treated according to their individual needs. After recovering from illness or ailment, many patients have sent in their sincere appreciation with a deep gratitude. Below are some of the testimonials from them:

Stewart P. & Deborah P.

While Deborah smoked 11/2 packs a day, she found herself not smoking after her first treatment. Whereas, I smoked 3 packs a day and therefore knew it would take longer, or more treatments, to achieve the same results. Therefore, I made 3 appointments in three consecutive days hoping to achieve the same results. Much to my surprise, I did not smoke after my first treatment. Our lives have been raised up to a new level of health and happiness, for which we thanks!

Gaby M.

Epiceleritis on both sides for more than 15 years. Twice a week for 20 visits. Excellent results. My red swollen and pain in my eye has gone. Before, all other medical treatments were not effect for me. Now, my eye is very comfortable.

Susan B.

I have been under treatment for 4 weeks. Excellent results. Pain and swelling almost immediately improved with increasing improvement over the 3 times a week appointments. Extremely pleased as traditional medicine offered no solutions or improvements.

Hester E.

I have had five treatments with Dr. Chen. Compared to the pain and discomfort I was having, this has been a positive experience for me.

Yiming M.

Wonderful. Before, I experienced a lot of headaches, and was frustrated a lot. After the treatment, I felt a lot better, and am very happy about my life. I started eating more, and fall asleep much quicker now. This progress is very steady, very effective, too.

Delby. J.

You have my gratitude for the healing care and kind words you have given me. And, thank you most especially for easing my mother's pain.

Sandra C.

Pain in left arm, back & neck with tingling in arm. I have been under treatment for 3 weeks and in my opinion my progress has been wonderful. Pain free after first week with only minimal tingling remaining. Very helpful.

Ann W.

In seeking relief for a sore shoulder and upper arm, I met an amazing acupuncturist, who blends eastern and western medicine. Dr. Yeqing Chen has not only reduced my pain, she has also helped me lower my blood pressure with herbal remedies.

Daniel T.

Thank you so much for your help relieving my sciatic pain! Your professionalism and true concern for my well being is greatly appreciated!